22nd April - 7th July

(Half term 27th May)

10 week course, 1 session per week



(Choose ONE from)

Tuesday morning: 10:00am - 12.30pm

Tuesday afternoon: 1.30pm - 4.00pm

Wednesday afternoon: 1:30pm - 4.00pm

Wednesday evening: 6:30pm - 9:00pm


All classes are held at Bowland Atelier

Places limited to 5 students per class - early booking is advised


Over 10 weeks students learn the fundamental skills of drawing and painting from life, via demonstrations from the tutor and practical exercises.  Cassandra and John teach the four key principles of drawing and painting: proportion, line & volume, chiaroscuro and colour. Students start with line exercises in charcoal on brown packing paper, building towards longer shaded drawing on white paper. In week 5 they will be introduced to oil painting starting with imprimatura and moving onto a limited palette. All work is either from the cast or still life set-ups.


Using step-by-step exercises you will learn, in the same atelier tradition as 19th Century painters, how to observe and paint from life in oils. Students will receive clear, step-by-step instruction with plenty of individual critique.  You will finish the course with a greater knowledge of how to draw and paint, which you can then take away and use to inform your own artistic process.


The course is suited to all levels and abilities, and each class member will be taught to his or her individual level. The classes are informative and informal, and whilst the teaching is professional and the students will learn a lot, it is not an intimidating experience.  The content is structured over 10 sessions with 1 session per week. Each session is 2.5 hours. For the start of the course each student will need to buy a box of willow charcoal and a hand cloth (e.g. cotton dish cloth or chamois) for erasing.  Paper is provided in the first weeks.  As you advance through the course you will need to buy a small set of oil paints, brushes, palette and canvas boards.  We can give you advice and recommendations on what you will need.

Course fee is £350 per student.  Maximum class size is limited to 5 students, to ensure a good teacher/student ratio.  You can choose whether to join a weekday or evening session at the time of booking.



£350* per student



 For further information and to book your place on the course

contact Cassandra Batterby or John Rotherham

Tel: 07736 540895 or email info@bowlandatelier.co.uk

*Payment in full is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable


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