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The Atelier Tradition

'Atelier' literally means 'workshop'.  In art, it usually refers to a studio, specifically where master artists and students work and learn alongside one another, each benefitting from the others presence.  This studio system can be traced back to the renaissance, and for centuries was the way an apprentice artist would learn the craft of painting. Much of this method and knowledge was rejected after WWI, when it was seen as old fashioned, and replaced by contemporary artistic practices.  In recent years there has been a gradual revival of teaching art using traditional techniques, which otherwise would have been lost.  Many of these traditional practices are at the heart of how we teach at Bowland Atelier.  When you take one of our classes, you are helping to pass on a small slice of the  Atelier tradition.

  • Young Picassos

    Classes for 9-16 year olds

    Young Picassos

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