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John Rotherham

Portraiture has always been the focus of John's work.  His output is almost entirely commissioned portraits, using traditional atelier techniques.  Mainly working in charcoal or pastel, the latter is his current medium of choice.  Soft pastel provides John with a perfect balance between the precision of drawing and the freedom of painting, using a tactile medium with brilliant pigments. In addition, it is the ideal medium for capturing the velvety texture of skin and the complexion of his sitters.

A head and shoulders portrait painting by John takes approximately two to three weeks to complete.  However, his lead time to handover does vary throughout the year, depending on the size of his client waiting list.  He works using a combination of life studies and photographs.  Unless the commission involves a posthumous portrait, he prefers to use his own source materials.

Expect to pay upwards of £2,000 for a head and shoulders portrait. Half length portraits range from £2,500 and full length from £3,000.  An interesting alternative to a portrait painting is a charcoal study.  They offer a more informal style and are generally more affordable, starting at £1,250 for a head study.

Our commissioning process starts with a consultation with John at his studio at Bashall Barn. For those of you with time constraints, he is happy to meet in your home, or office.


To book a consultation with John

Call his studio on 07736 540895 or email info@bowlandatelier.co.uk


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